Saturday, February 5, 2011

Overweight in America - a serious topic for discussion

When I was looking at clothing the other day at Walmart, I noticed that most of the items were in larger sizes. It was hard to find anything in a small size. Later, I read that over 2/3rd of the people in America are overweight. Why is that?

I started thinking about it and came to some possible conclusions. The eating portions in restaurants and homes are quite large in most cases. And many people eat “junk” food. Why don’t people eat organic food that is healthy for them? Why doesn’t each person eat the types of foods and drinks that are best for their bodies (based on blood type and how their bodies react to the food)?

Based on my international travels and other experiences, I concluded that America is a country of the world with a high level of unhappiness. It may be one of the richest with respect to material goods and opportunities, but happiness does not come from material objects. I have seen some of the poorest people of the world be the most happy. One reason why people don’t eat well could be due to trying to feel better through eating food that soothes them – food that tastes good and takes away their pain and suffering.

What happened in America? In many ways, it has not changed for the better. What I have heard, read and seen about the 1950’s in America led me to think that those times were better in many ways. That was before my time though, so I can’t speak from personal experience.

Now most people in America are filled with fear and anger. It doesn’t take much for some people to vent that anger. President Obama was elected based on the principles of “hope and change.” Unfortunately, it appears that Americans were hoping in vain for the situation to improve in their country.

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