Thursday, February 3, 2011

Noise pollution - so disruptive to our bodies and feeling peaceful

Living in America, I have noticed recently that noise pollution is rampant. Being in a big city makes it hard to find peace and quiet. In the mornings, it is common to be disturbed or awakened by the sounds of garbage trucks, leaf blowers, lawn mowers, and sounds from the neighbors or from work happening. Not everyone gets out of bed first thing in the morning, particularly on weekends. It would be nice to sleep in, without being rudely awakened by an obnoxious sound.

Even in retail stores and restaurants, I have begun to notice that it is not uncommon for the music to not only be loud, but also to be a selection that is not pleasing to the ears. Sometimes, the music is so loud that it is nearly impossible to hold a conversation with the person you are with. I wonder why these service organizations don't select music that is appealing - a selection that would enhance the environment and their sales as well.

I don't think many people realize how negative the impact of disturbing sounds can be on the psyche and the body. I noticed a difference when I started using noise-canceling headphones on a plane. The sound of the engines creates a droning hum. When I used the headphones with some light pleasing music, I felt better. It wasn't just the impact of the music. It was, more importantly, the reduction of the engine noise.

I prefer to be in nature listening to the sounds of animals, birds and other creatures. The songs of the birds are beautiful and comforting to my spirit.

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