Monday, September 1, 2014

Is it reasonable for us to continue to put our trust in the American healthcare system?

I am amazed by how my family, friends and others continue to put their trust in Western medicine (doctors, treatments and prescriptions) when the system so often does not result in them becoming healthier, let alone cured. Don't get me wrong. I acknowledge that part of the patients are healed or at least have a reasonable level of relief from the symptoms they were suffering from. However, many, if not most, people do not achieve the optimal level of health (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) they are capable of. People even die who could have been saved if they had been willing to just try an approach that is not commonly accepted practice in America.

Why should we continue to trust Western medicine when results aren't consistently being achieved? Repeating the same action and expecting different results is either insanity or stupidity (or both). I used to believe in Western medicine. I was even planning to go to an American medical school before I decided to take a different path. Why should we be so arrogant to think that the only or best way to heal is through Western medicine when we have global statistics proving that the health of Americans is worse than in many other countries? I am not suggesting that we should stop utilizing the services of Western medicine. What I do recommend is that we seriously consider alternatives when Western medicine is failing us as determined by logical evaluation of the results actually achieved. For example, were they able to accurately diagnose the illness and advise or implement a treatment plan that resulted in significantly improved health? Did their treatment lead to other negative consequences, such as bad side effects?

I know that in my case and in many others that the diagnoses from doctors differed for the exact same symptoms and that the treatment plan did not result in improved health, except for some slight alleviation of symptoms. I realized that too often doctors prescribe drugs which one has to continue to take (or even become addicted to) that do not result in a cure, let alone the ability to achieve optimal health.

It would also benefit us greatly if we actually did learn and apply what is needed to achieve optimal health. Why should we reject the knowledge and skills developed in other types of medicine which have been successfully applied in other countries for hundreds, if not thousands of years longer than American medicine even existed (which is just over 200 years old)?

A common belief is that it is necessary to implement a complicated solution to deal with what appears to be a sophisticated system - the human mind, body and spirit. While it is true that the human's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual system is complex, that doesn't mean that the cure needs to be. Perhaps, what is causing our health to deteriorate is a combination of the poor processed, non-organic diet many of us eat, non-nourishing mental food (negativities from TV, movies and the Internet), the inability to change our inferior programs that negatively affect our mental and emotional health, thus resulting in poor physical health, lack of exercise and good air, and exposure to harmful chemicals and noise in our environment.

Why do most American doctors ignore what is common practice in alternative medicine? Why don't they recommend the following? Instead of prescribing drugs in many cases, to first do frequent colonic cleanses using water to remove all the stored toxins from a poor diet trapped in the intestines and colon; changing the diet to be organic, macrobiotic and proper for one's blood type; having open windows at home to fill our lungs with fresh air; exercising daily by doing yoga stretches, weight training and cardiovascular exercise; keeping a uncluttered, clean home using natural products; being sure to nourish oneself with information and entertainment that teaches us new programs to upgrade our quality of life; and replace or delete one's inferior programs which are preventing our ability to have a more meaningful and happy life.

P.S. A quote from Jesus just came to my mind: "Truly I say to you, unless you change and become like little children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven." Did he mean that unless we become innocent, pure, loving, open to trying the new, playful and forgiving like young children are among each other that we cannot create heaven on earth? Our fears, distrust and skepticism have caused us to feel emotionally sick, causing separation between us. Our health and happiness are achieved when we experience the wholeness of being together as young children naturally are with their open hearts and minds.

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