Thursday, February 10, 2011

Multiple Chemical Sensitivities - how not to cause harm in the world

Years ago, a member of my family was diagnosed with a medical condition called Multiple Chemical Sensitivities. Her body had developed an intolerance to various chemicals that exist in society. Her symptoms include seizures, headaches and nausea, to name a few. She needed to move into a new home, one that was prepared for people who have severe allergies. She is unable to go out in society much because the scents of perfumes and other smells can cause her to become very ill and unable to recover for days.

It wasn’t until she was diagnosed that I became aware of this type of medical condition. The plan the doctors devised to help her include eating organic foods, taking oxygen and regularly using a dry or infrared sauna to detoxify her body. That is not a comprehensive list of her treatment plan though. I just wanted to share part of her plan here.

I was surprised about a year ago to see a sign in a bathroom at a park which stated that only natural cleaning products and supplies were being utilized there because of people with multiple chemical sensitivities. These experiences, in addition to others, led me to the realization that many of the chemicals, food products and supplies we have created in this world are causing harm to people, in some cases severe damage. How much harm is it causing those of us who don’t have her medical condition? How much damage is happening in nature and to other forms of life as well?

I am not bringing this subject up to cause any kind of harm to the organizations involved in the production or distribution of the products mentioned (i.e. chemicals). I just want to further create an awareness that we can each make a choice to take actions that do not cause harm to anyone or anything in this world. I have no problem whatsoever with businesses making money, as long as the actions taken are ethical, moral and legal. I applaud any organization with a sincere goal of “Our organization is ever-flourishing; continuously and significantly increasing value (creating growth and stability) for all stakeholders – employees (including suppliers), clients and shareholders (while preventing harm to the world - society and the environment - due to our actions or lack of action)."

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